the origini story…

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Ingrid lived in Biella, in Piemonte, Italy until her family moved to Melbourne when she was eight years old.   Every few years her family would return to Biella to visit their relatives. When she was 16 Ingrid met Luca who had lived in Biella all his life. The next visit, they were 18 and became good friends. At 23 they fell in love but chose to return to their respective worlds.

But Ingrid couldn’t forget Luca. At 28 she returned to Biella and to Luca. Soon after, they moved to Australia, were married, and had three boys.

In search of a place to lay their roots they chanced upon Castlemaine, a former gold mining town in central Victoria. A vibrant and welcoming community still offering adventurers untold wealth. It was like chancing upon a great secret: a small country town not far from Melbourne, with generous lashings of heritage, an iconic Australian landscape, a thriving arts and gourmet scene and not yet overtaken by rampant tourism.

… and so Origini was born. A cafe celebrating their shared Italian origins and the bedrock for their new life in country Victoria.


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the origini story…

2 thoughts on “the origini story…

  1. Rebecca Dallwitz says:

    Origini has been our “great secret” in the best town in Victoria for over 2 years now. A place of welcome and warmth and the best pizza and coffee this side of Italy. I guess it’s time for the word to spread. Tiny place run by people with the biggest hearts.

  2. What a beautiful post and such a beautiful Cafe! Such warm hospitality is a rare find these days, as is such beautiful, close-to-the-source delicious food. Check origini out if you can, its such a treat!

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